Saturday, January 06, 2001

This is my first official entry into the arcane realm of The Wide World of the Web. If you are reading this, I suppose that you are either (1) a friend that is interested in my life, or (2) someone else -- perhaps a random stranger -- interested in my thoughts. In either case, thank you for being interested.

For those of you in the second category, my name is Chi Tschang, or -- as my students at the Academy of the Pacific Rim charter school in Boston call me -- "Mr. Tschang". In a nutshell, I am a twentysomething American-Chinese, recently graduated from an Ivy League school, living amongst bourgeois-bohemians in lovely Jamaica Plain, and trying to throw a few proverbial starfish back into the water before seeking greater fame and fortune (and really, influence).

Why am I doing this, you might wonder? Simply, I love to write. And to paraphrase one of the great Greeks, an unexamined life ain't worth sh*t.

Disclaimer: All thoughts seen here are mine and not those of any other entity.

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